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All students' speedgrader comments in one file

Hi all

There are some comments around this from a couple of years ago and some that have been posted with no responses. I know we can access speedgrader comments an a per student basis via download; however, a teacher has asked to download all student comments as we use this for progressive reporting in our SIS.  With large classes, individual downloads are tedious and seem unnecessary. Is there a report or function I a missing?



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Do you mean SpeedGrader comments left as comments on the documents themselves with DocViewer on the left side of SpeedGrader or do you mean submission / assignment comments left in the little box on the right side of SpeedGrader?

The annotations from DocViewer are more challenging, but there is a process that some of us discovered a couple of years ago.

The right side isn't technically a SpeedGrader comment, but a submission comment and there is an API for that. You use the assignment ID for the assignment and then specify student_ids[]=all. If the students are not longer actively enrolled in the course, then you will need to list their student_ids instead of the blanket all. You also include[]=submission_comments.

What you will get is a JSON object that contains information about the submission including the submission comments that you left. It includes both sides of the conversation (instructor comments and student comments). You will then need to write some code to parse that JSON and create whatever format you need it in.