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Allow students to view quiz questions after quiz

I have a quiz that was due yesterday.  I don't want students to be able to take the quiz, so I've set it to be unavailable after yesterday.  However, I want students to be able to view the quiz, the questions, and the correct answers today.  So, I set "Let students see the correct answers" to this morning at 12am.  Unfortunately, when I select "student view", I can see the quiz instructions, but not the questions, and not the correct answers.  My students seem to be having this same problem.  How do I make the quiz questions and answers viewable after the quiz is due, but not allow the quiz to be taken?

Someone posted a purported solution here, but that does not address the problem in any way.

Here is a screenshot showing the quiz settings:


Here is a screenshot of what my students are seeing:


How do I allow my students to see the quiz instructions, questions and answers after the quiz due date?

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It appears to me that you have everything set properly and the answers should be showing.  I do the same thing except I keep the answers hidden until I go back and release them - I do not set the date.   It takes more time on my part, but It works for me. Because it is past the due date now, try removing the view date time - just leave it blank and that means the answers should be released immediately.  See what happens.  If in student view you can see the answers, go back and reset the date to a different date and see what happens.


I removed the answer view date (left blank, while the box to "Let students see the correct answers" is still checked).  This doesn't help.  In my student view, I can see all of the quiz instructions.  Then at the end I see

"This quiz was locked Mar 14 at 11:59pm."

Or whatever date and time this particular quiz was due.  I cannot view the questions or the answers.


To be clear, if I actually TAKE the quiz, then I can see the questions and answers after the quiz "available until" date and time.  However, if I haven't taken the quiz, then I cannot see them.


If your quiz is set up to use question groups then the behavior you are seeing is what happens when a quiz is not taken by a student.  A version of the quiz is never generated for that student and therefore, they cannot see a quiz when the answers are revealed - it will not show all the possible questions - just the ones assigned to the student.


The quiz doesn't use question groups.  The "quiz" is actually a lab.... the question and answer format is strictly an educational tool.  Students are supposed to work together on it, so I haven't used any of the interesting Canvas tools to try and "mix up the quiz", such as question groups, or formulaic questions.  It's totally vanilla in every way. 

However, since the "quiz" is just educational materials, then it's important that students be able to see them after lab day.  This is the stuff they need in order to study.

Are you suggesting that I need not merely to not utilize question groups, but that I need to disable them in some way?  How would I do that thing?


No.  I am not suggesting you stop using question groups.  I just pointed out that if you use question groups where x of y questions are assigned that students will not be able to see questions and answers if they do not take the quiz.

I am not sure if you do a qroup using  x of x that students will be able to see the questions and answers if they do not take the exam.  only advantage to doing a group of x of x as opposed to just assign all x questions is that the questions are in a random order for the students.

Not sure if that helps, but you have to decide what is best for your class. 

Sorry, you misunderstand.  I am NOT using question groups.  Do I need to disable question groups (like in a course setting) somehow in order for my students to see the quiz?


Okay.  I understand now.  I would think that there should not  be an issue if all students are receiving the same questions.  

Is this with New quizzes?  Or Classic Quizzes?  

I just checked in one of my courses, and even if the questions are all put into the quiz (all students get the same quiz), if a student does not take the quiz, then they cannot see the questions or answers after the quiz availability has ended.