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Allow students to view quiz questions after quiz

I have a quiz that was due yesterday.  I don't want students to be able to take the quiz, so I've set it to be unavailable after yesterday.  However, I want students to be able to view the quiz, the questions, and the correct answers today.  So, I set "Let students see the correct answers" to this morning at 12am.  Unfortunately, when I select "student view", I can see the quiz instructions, but not the questions, and not the correct answers.  My students seem to be having this same problem.  How do I make the quiz questions and answers viewable after the quiz is due, but not allow the quiz to be taken?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @u6032171 

I just tested this by editing one of my quizzes, and the screenshot below shows the settings I used.....



When I went back into the quiz as the Test Student, this is what I saw................



These guides will show you how to adjust your quiz setting to permit students to review a completed quiz with correct answers displayed, depending on the version of quizzes you are using.

I hope this is helpful,


This does not solve my problem.  My students continue to be unable to access past quizzes.