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Animated Gif as profile picture?

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One of my students uploaded and animated gif as a profile picture. How did they do that?

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Maybe I should have added that they are currently doing something but that they haven't always?

Community Coach
Community Coach

This little head-banger has always banged his noggin, or at least I think so, but must admit that I don't really check all that often.


Although he doesn't seem to want to bang in here except when I choose him as a profile pic.


Probably because you pasted it into Jive instead of uploading/embedding. Here's a similar one I found and clicked on the Insert Image link.

Animated gif stolen from the web

Community Coach
Community Coach

Tha's it my friend, and you are correct.

Anyways, he does indeed bang his head in Canvas as my profile pic.


Sorry, I think I'm still confused as to how you got it to animate. Can you elaborate?

 @misemer4 ,

Are you asking how to make an animated GIF or how to get a profile picture in Canvas to use an animated GIF that you already have?

The answer to the first one is that you use software designed to do this. This can be done with several paint programs, including Photoshop, or online websites. Search for "animated gif maker" or "photoshop animated gif", replacing the photoshop with the name of your paint program to see if it's supported.  For the guy bashing his head on the computer, I just did a Google search for "animated gif banging head computer" or something similar.

If you're asking about how to get Canvas to use an animated GIF for a profile picture, that's a bit more challenging as the software crops the image you upload and that process removes the animation and just takes the first frame. That means that you cannot upload an image to Canvas through the profile page. Taking a photo won't make it animated. 

I don't use Gravatar, which is the third option when you go to update your photo, but a search of the web shows that people were complaining about the lack of support for animated GIFs a couple of years ago. However, reading their information makes it sound like you can use you own image if it is hosted somewhere that allows hotlinking. Like I said, I haven't tested this, but that should bypass the editing from Canvas that removes the animation. You can also try uploading an animated GIF to Gravatar and see if it works.

None of those are the way that I got my profile picture to be an animated banana, but the Gravatar approach is the only way I know of that might work using just the web interface. Again, I have not verified this since I don't use Gravatar.

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Question coach, would it still work in 2021? Can I please know how you originally did it? Thank you.

But how do you do it? I mean, I want to do it, and I keep trying to import a GIF into Zoom's pic and it is a standstill when it finally loads in Zoom. I did it before, and I want to be able to do it again. 


Do I need to sign in to Google in Zoom???



You can contact me about this at 

Also, you can text me at 541-237-6566

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For crying out loud . . . why, oh why did I read this? Now you guys have me wanting a sparkly, animated .gif for my own profile pic!

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Continuing the search for a solution! I know it's been 2 years since the last reply, but IS THERE AN EASY SOLUTION TO THIS!?