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Anonymous and moderated Quiz grading? Essay question Rubrics?

Hello. I've looked through all the guides, but can't figure out the best way to set this up. I know you can set Assignments as Anonymous grading and Moderated grading, but I need to secure the material with an Access Code, so I need to use a Quiz. While Quizzes seem to fall under 'Assignments', they don't have the same options available.

I want to make sure that my Graders can't accidentally see student names while grading the Quiz. From what I can tell the settings in SpeedGrader are user by user. So I could ask my Graders to go in and set it to 'Hide Student Names', but can't they just change it back anytime they want? 

Is there any way to set a Quiz with Moderated Grading (need two grades) and Anonymous Grading? Alternatively, is there a way to secure an Assignment other than available to and from?

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In addition to available to and until, you can also use module rules to specify activities students must complete before they have access to the assignment you want to control.  For the same control as a quiz, you could set a module requirement that students must submit a very simple zero point quiz ("Click true to continue to your assignment") set up with your access code controlling the quiz.  Then set the next module to require the module with the quiz as a prerequisite.  Or put them in the same module and require activities to be completed in order.  Module requirements are accessed through the three dot menu on the module header.

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