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Anonymous grade reports on an anonymous assignment

Hi Folks, 

I'm supporting various teams in our migration year (what a year) to Canvas at our uni, and we're now in Exam season we're trying to identify suitable workflows.

A typical workflow is submission via anonymised Online assignment and grading anonymously via Speedgrader.

However where things get tricky is where our lecturers need to do additional things. The marker needs to be able to run off a grade report (still anonymised) with grades reported on it to help within 1st marking, and identify grade boundaries to put together a sample of work for 2nd marker moderation. In an ideal world each submission would have a unique 'Paper ID', and Speedgrader the facility to run off this report. All we seem to get in Speedgrader when marking anonymously is 'Student 1' etc. and no way to run off a report.

I can't see that Canvas can do this yet, so I wondered what practices other institutions have around anonymous assignment handling? I can understand that anonymous marking isn't used everywhere and I should also say that we're not using the Canvas moderation feature.

Thanks, Will (University of Liverpool)

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