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Another IMSCC error question


I had the previous instructor provide me access to his Google Drive, where the course IMSCC file was located. I downloaded the file and followed the instructions on how to import a Canvas Course Export Package. Unfortunately, once it's uploaded, I get this error:

"Error identifying package type: undefined method `bytesize' for nil:NilClass"
I'm asking the previous instructor to export it once more for me. Is there anything else I can do?
Thank you!
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Community Coach
Community Coach


Are you both using the same instance of Canvas (same school or district, etc)?  If so, you might see if the other instructor can add you as a teacher to the course so you can just import it without having to have an export file downloaded and then re-uploaded.  It sounds like there might be something happening to corrupt the file, possibly when it's getting added to Google Drive.   If you contact one of the Canvas admins at your school they also might be able to just copy the course for you, again without the need to export, download, upload, etc.  

Other than that; I'd ask the other teacher to try exporting again and perhaps see if there is another cloud service such as Box or Dropbox to use to get you access.  I'm not blaming Google Drive, just telling you what my steps would be for troubleshooting something like this and trying a different system is one option.