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Apple Pencil grading for a Canvas quiz with essay or file upload questions

In the past, I have used my Apple Pencil to mark directly on students' homework submissions that were uploaded as PDF or image documents, so I know that can be done. However, these documents were images of work done on a specific printed worksheet. Given the limitations of the upcoming school year, many students may not have access to a printer in order to print the worksheet, and I find that it takes me a lot longer to grade if each students' submission looks drastically different (e.g., if they scrunch their work together on loose leaf vs. putting a new problem on each page).

As such, I am looking into putting the questions into a quiz on Canvas, with questions that are "essay" for those that require explanation and "file upload" when the questions require them to do calculations by hand. However, I am unsure whether this format would support the use of my Apple Pencil, and I would hate to lose the capability of directly marking up student work, especially on the problems that require multi-step calculations.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @SaraBasz --

The Apple Pencil (in combination with Canvas Teacher) should work on .pdf and image files. If you're concerned, encourage students to "scan" their work first using an app like GeniusScan (free to iOS and Android users).

How do I add DocViewer annotations in the Teacher app on my iOS device? 

If a student submits a file that is not compatible with DocViewer, the document previewer will still display the file, but DocViewer markup and commenting will not be available.

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