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Apple devices not showing presentations/slideshow

I've tried viewing each module's presentation/slideshow on my Apple products (Mac, iPad, and iPhone) via the Canvas app and various web browsers but all that comes up is a black box with the the loading symbol. No matter how long I wait, nothing is ever loaded. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @diana_lo ‌,

It's hard to diagnose this without knowing exactly what technology is being used to create the presentation. If you are a student, I'd suggest you show this to your teacher so they might be able to get your school's support to research this. If you are a teacher, what are you using to create this presentation. 



Hi Ryan, Thanks for your promptness. I reached out and my instructor was told to have me download the app Articulate. After looking on the website for the app, it looks like it's for viewing HTML5 materials. I was told to download the app and when trying to view the presentation in Canvas (or if I tapped on the presentation) it would prompt me to view the content in Articulate. This has not happened no matter how long I wait, tap, or press. Any advice? It'd be great if I could access content while home and not fall behind. I've sent two messages via Canvas to report the issue with no response, someone from the CIEE staff only responded to my instructor.



 @diana_lo ‌,

The app should be able to play HTML 5 content, but it's possible that the presentation is REALLY large and just not downloading fast enough to play as well. 

From my history with the app, it's not going to open content in a separate app. I would suggest you view this content through the mobile web browser. This should open the content in the Articulate app. 

Try that out and let me know. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi, again  @diana_lo . I'm just following up to see if you were able to figure out this issue? I'm going to mark this assumed answered, but please feel free to add a reply if you need any more help. Thanks. 

Hi Ryan, no this did not get resolved so I ended up dropping out of the class due to the inconvenience. Thanks for following up!

That's unfortunate. Thanks for the follow up though.