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Surveyor II

Are people using canvas for anonymous marking and if so how?

Is anyone on this list able to share their experience of using canvas tools for anonymous marking / grading and moderation?  We are introducing policies around anonymous marking next year and Canvas will of course be expected to play its part in managing this.  I would be interested to hear from anyone who is either responsible for implementing or supporting the use of these tools across an institution or is an end user, engaged in anonymous marking at a module level.  My question is this: what challenges or opportunities have you faced / realised and what strategies/approaches/work around-s have you employed in order to overcome / maximise these?  When I refer to challenges and opportunities I am thinking about technical/Canvas related issues. I am aware that there is a wider and possibly more interesting discussion to be had...please invite me if you decide to have it.  However, at this precise moment I am mainly preoccupied with making it work at a system level.  

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