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Assigning CK-12 Practice

How can I assign CK-12 practice quizzes to where I can see the students' results? I see under assignments where you can upload it from CK-12, but I don't know how to assign it so that they can turn their results in.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @bishopk1 , greetings! Sorry your question has sat here for a while without a response! Did you ever get this figured out? Also, to be clear, are you talking about students taking practice quizzes in Canvas? If so, then this guide will give you more information about using them with your students - 


Learner II

I'm pretty sure Kim's question is about integrating the CK-12 LTI. I would also like to assign CK-12 practice in canvas and be able to see how students did. I'm hitting a wall on that. Sure I can embed it, but I don't think I'll be able to see who actually used it in Canvas. 

Yes, that is exactly my question, Jenna. I still have not been able to figure it our either, aside from just having kids sign up for CK-12 and bypassing Canvas altogether. I would much rather be able to do this in Canvas as I assign the modules. 

 @bishopk1 ‌, I believe that the CK-12 integration needs to be set up by the school's Canvas admin. In the past, I've seen a CK-12 tab as one of the options in the Assignment Submission interface for students, but that was a while ago, so you might want to check with the school for the latest.

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Yes,  @bishopk1   stefaniesanders the school IT has to approve it. I just got mine approved and will update if I find out anything helpful!

Kim  Bishop & Stefanie Sanders

I got the CK-12 integration setup and the practice I assigned in Canvas works seamlessly with the gradebook! When you make the assignment, select "external tool" and choose the CK-12 LTI. After that, you can add CK-12 practice from your library.

You can choose the point value and Canvas will automatically calculate the points. For example, even if there are 20 questions on CK-12, you can have it be worth 3 points or 5 points as an assignment in Canvas. When the students complete it, Canvas converts their CK-12 practice percentage to the point value for the assignment. 

Thanks so much for the update,  @jenna_scheub  Thank You ! So glad to hear it's working well.

Are you using a FREE cK-12 account or does your district have a paid version?  I have a free account but my district does NOT have it...therefore I'm wondering if my IT will even be able to add it.  I requested info from CK-12 but they sent me a form for my IT to pursue....that will require years on our IT's priority list since its not a district resource.  Wondering if I can get it going myself somehow...

I used the free version last year. This year I switched and am using Biology Now by WW Norton.

My IT department did get the consumer key and secret code but you might be able to kindly request it from CK12, given your circumstances. It is a very short form that the IT department fills out! I think the goal of CK12 is to limit the number of contact points in a district, which can be frustrating at the teacher level. 

Good luck!