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Assignment Overrides and "Everyone Else" Due Date (Canvas API)

I am an instructor trying to automate giving extensions/setting due dates for certain students, but I don't understand where to programmatically access the "Everyone Else" due date.

I first make a new assignment in Canvas using the web interface and give everyone a due date of 4/30/21 at some time (for example). If I query the assignments due_at date and time, I get the expected due date. I then give certain students extensions on this assignment by setting up a few assignment overrides using the python CanvasAPI which interfaces with the Canvas REST API. Let's say some get until 5/1/21 and others get until 5/2/21. This all looks fine in the web interface.

When I now query the assignment due_at, it is set to the last due date, 5/2/21 at whatever time I chose. 

Question: How do I programmatically access the "Everyone Else" due date/time? Where is this information stored?

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I have no idea how to help you with the question.  However james has worked alot with javascripts for various enhancements.  One of them is showing the override names for assignments (which everyone else sort of falls into I guess).  In any case here is a link to that javascript that may have information in it that you can use.

james did have some problems with how the name information is stored/made available.

adding in:

here is a link to the forum Q&A on it