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Assignment not showing up in "add to module" list?

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I am trying to add an assignment from my assignment page into a module. However, it won't show up when I click the plus icon and select "assignments" - it is just not in the list. I logged out and back in, unpublished and republished the assignment, refreshed the page, all with no luck. Any advice? 

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Helped a professor with this issue today.  Oddly, just renaming the Assignment Group seemed to get the "add to module" dialogue to refresh/update with all the newest assignments.  After renaming I did go back and restore the assignment group name to it's original and everything is working/showing normally.

Hi @ckeigher ,

Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it. I'm going to go back in and try that in Chrome to see if I can stay with my regular browser.



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I've had this problem repeatedly during the fall 2020 semester, and it popped-up again today. Canvas told my university that they will not look into the problem unless the assignment doesn't show up within 24 hours. Canvas says the problem is because their servers are busy doing other things. Who can wait 24 hours? Why they don't prioritize fixing this issue is anyone's guess.

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I have the same problem. I support several Instructors as an ID. So far, no joy on any of work arounds (in some cases, I think the work-arounds take so much time the problem ":solves" itself). 

I think this definitely deserves a ticket if someone hasn't already done so.

My Instructors have had to wait up to 24 hours for a new Assignment, Discussion or quiz to show up on the list. That seems "unacceptable" to me. 🙂

Grateful for this forum and the Community! Otherwise, I'd think it was me 🙂


I learned from Canvas Support today that this is a known issue if you have "too many" assignments in your course.   I also learned that fixing this is not on the development roadmap, so we will have to live with it until and unless enough of us scream about it.

In the meantime, here's what I have found:

What *sometimes* works is to re-open the assignment, make a small change, and then save it.  Then look for the assignment using the Module "+" pulldown. 

That worked for me in one case several weeks ago, but not today.

If it doesn't work, Instructure has no solution except to suggest you do a workaround.  What you'll need to do is create a new assignment *from* the Modules page (so it shows up in the Module).   Then enter the text of the assignment.   If you've already created an assignment that you can't add from the Modules page, copy/paste the text from that assignment into the new one you created from the Module page.

Thanks for the update!

I'm starting to wonder about development priorities with Instructure and issue like this, and other conventions we should be expecting from a normal software application, cloud-based or not.

24 Hours...*sigh*

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@RGO Thank you for that update. I really appreciate you taking the time to post it.


me to been having the same problem and I cant into my assignment