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Assist with grades and groups

open for conversation : While trying to figure what assignments have been graded, waiting to be graded, and/or no grade ?  What are these little message looking icons ?  

also while in a group assignment how do we collaborate with our peers .. The link Collaborate needs permission to access in google ?  can anybody explain ?   

To receive credit for an assignment , what does it mean , place into the file accordingly 

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Hi @sypi6407 

You've posted this question to an international forum of Canvas users.  Without more specific information (perhaps a screen capture of the icons you mentioned) it will be hard for anyone here to help or to know what your instructor meant by "place into the file accordingly."

I recommend you reach out to your instructor for help, and perhaps spend some time exploring and learning Canvas.  I would reach out to your school to see if they offer training or links to Canvas Tutorials. 

Or, you can explore on your own using these guides. 

Student Guide - Canvas Community (

Video Guide - Canvas Community (


Thank you for the reply.

that is exactly my problem , I wasn't offered orientation, or how to use Canvas, therefore I'm suffering for it with my grades.