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Attaching a pdf file

How do I attach a pdf file to my word document before I submit an assignment?

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Community Advocate

Hi Welcome to the Canvas Community.  I will start out by saying that you directed your question to a worldwide user community of Canvas users; perhaps you intended this to go to your institution's support....but then again perhaps not, so I will certainly try to assist you, nevertheless!

First of all, I would recommend you do not do this unless your instructor specifically told you to.  The reason is that attaching/embedded a PDF into a Word document--while easy to do--will have to be downloaded by the instructor rather than allowing him/her to use the SpeedGrader DocViewer while grading in Canvas, which many instructors prefer to do.  The reason for this is because embedding a PDF into a Word document simply renders the first page of the PDF as an image within the Word file. That image will then have to be clicked upon in order for your instructor to see the full PDF.  This will NOT work within Canvas' SpeedGrader; I just tested it myself to make sure.  The instructor will see the image of the first page of the embedded PDF within the Word document, but will have to be asked to download it order to see the entire PDF.  All that said, the instructions for doing this with Word can be found here:  Add a PDF to your Office file - Office Support .  Again, I would inform your instructor you're doing this.

I will also suggest two alternatives to you.  One is that you simply upload the two files individually to Canvas, which you CAN do.  If you check the screen capture under the Submit a File Upload heading on this page from the online student guide, you will see that there is a link to +Add another file under the CHOOSE FILE button.  So you upload your first document as you normally would, and then you simply click +Add another file and upload the second one.  That's it!  AND, by using this method your instructor will be able to see both in Canvas' SpeedGrader by clicking on each of the file names.  (Though again, I would suggest you inform your instructor you submitted two separate files; this may be a bit new for the instructor, as well.)

Even better, in my opinion, is that you can combine your two files as PDFs. First, save your Word document as a PDF.  Then, take your other, existing PDF and add it to that file.  The end result will be ONE PDF.  You can do this in most versions of Adobe Acrobat, I believe, and the instructions are covered here:  Merge PDFs, how to combine PDF files | Adobe Acrobat DC .  If you find that you cannot do this with your version of Adobe Acrobat, check with your institution...they may have the program available in their labs.  (It used to be that you needed a higher level of Adobe for this; I am honestly not 100% certain on this anymore with all the recent changes to their product line.)

Hopefully one of these possible solutions will work for you, Diane!

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