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Attaching interactive Google slides

#Interactive Google Slides

I am learning how to use Canvas.  I have uploaded a link to a Google drag and drop assignment.  How do I know that my students will each get an individual copy of the assignment and not be working on a single, common copy?  I cannot find that parameter unless I am using Google classroom.

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I have not found a great way to do this yet, but the closest I have come is to create an assignment and when you choose the submission type you choose an external tool and then choose either Google Drive Cloud Assignments or Google Assignments. 

The only problem is when it loads on the screen it is really small and there are only a few work arounds. I will list them below. 


1) They can resize their screen by zooming in or out in the web browser (this is accomplished differently on different computers). I worry though that students will shrink their page down and forget or not know how to bring it back up to 100%


2) You could choose options where it loads the document in a second tab but then they have to navigate back to Canvas and remember to hit submit. (Very few of my students ever hit submit when we used google classrooms, but because of the way they built their integrations you could still see the student work. I worry I will have lots of students that don't remember to navigate back to submit. This is just about retraining but man it will be a pain to begin with.