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Auto Grade New Quiz

I have created a New Quiz in Canvas.  Our activity is categorizing, so I've given 4 categories and the 5 answers for each section.  My total number of points is listed at 20.  The New Quiz lets me use Student View to answer and shows correct and incorrect answers.  However, my settings must be all wrong because no score/points are given; shows 0 even though I see the red/green scored words.  

What settings do I need so that my students can categorize AND Canvas will score them automatically?  There are no short answer/essay etc that the teacher should need to go in and approve.  

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Navigator II

In new quizzes, the value of the quiz is set in assignment settings.  On the assignment tab, specifically, click the three dot menu next to the quiz and select edit.  You can set the value of the quiz to be 20 points to match the new quiz, or 100 points (for example) and it will automatically convert the score proportionately.  You may have that assignment setting set to zero points.  It is also relevant that there is not currently a partial credit option for categorization questions. You will have to manually regrade if you want students to receive partial credit.

An option is to use fill-in-the-blank with drop-down menus turned on for all five answers.  If you offer all five choices for every blank, students will have the potential to answer any response in any blank, even the same response in every blank.  Fill-in-the-blank questions already assign partial credit, and so it should grade responses correctly.

Another option within fill-in-the-blank is a word bank, which can mimic the effect of a matching or categorization question, because students can click and drag their responses into the blanks.  But there are a few points to be careful of:  Students can click on the blank to see a drop down of only the options you entered for that blank, so you need to enter enough options for there to be a selection.  If you enter the same options in every blank (as you might with the drop down type response) students can click and drag the correct word that was entered as an incorrect option for a different blank, and canvas will not recognize it as correct.  Therefore, you need to enter several unique "distractors" for every blank in a word bank question, that do not repeat the correct answer to any other blank in the same question.  

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