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Automatic personalized due dates

After I provide feedback on a student's essay, I would like to have a two-week clock begin running for the assignment they need to complete involving my feedback. I can't figure out out if there's a way to create such a personalized, automatic system (as opposed to me heading into each student's assignment and providing a personalized due date). Any ideas?

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Community Team
Community Team

This doesn't answer your question directly but might get at the spirit of what you want to accomplish with personalizing their experience, but have you learned about mastery paths in Canvas?

Thanks! I have been looking at MP, but as far as I have learned, there's no way to set a personalized deadline (i.e., I can see how to "open" the next assignment as I finish evaluating one, but not how to start a two-week personal running clock for each student as I get to theirs in turn). Does that sound like a feature in place?