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Automatically generating equations from Latex when converting courses from Blackboard


Our school converted from Blackboard to Canvas and an online course I teach was imported earlier this summer. We just noticed that none of the latex that we had on the Blackboard side is converted to equations on the Canvas side. We could go in manually and do it but there are about 750 pages that need updating. Here an example of what is currently in canvas:

The probability density function (pdf) f(x) describes the behaviors of the random variable X in total.

For discrete random variables, \(P(A) = \sum\limits_{x \in A} {f(x)}\).

For continuous random variables, \(P(A) = \int\limits_{x \in A} {f(x)dx}\).

Not every function f(x) can be a pdf. A pdf has to satisfy the following two properties:

All of the latex code is in \(\) or \[\] format, is there any way this can be automatically converted into equations?



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