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Automating quiz extensions for New Quizzes in Canvas

I'm looking for a way to automate, via the Canvas API, quiz extensions for students who have disability support needs.

I can do this for classic quizzes according to the documentation here:

How do I do this for the *New Quizzes* in Canvas?

Hope someone can help. I shan't sleep until I have the solution.



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Navigator II

I don't know much about the API, but you might not need it.  In new quizzes, I can give a student 50% extra time (instead of a set number of minutes) on the first quiz that they will take after I receive their accommodations letter.  Every other quiz in the course automatically gets the same extension!  I fix it once and it is done.  That is much better than classic quizzes, and there's no API required.

In the new quiz page there is a tab for moderating.  Instead of the moderate button at the right side of the page, click the pencil.  The settings you enter there will apply to all quizzes in the course.  You can remove the time limit entirely, give a set number of extra minutes/hours, or use a time limit multiplier.  The multiplier works great because it adjusts to the length of different quizzes automatically.  A multiplier of 1.5 equals time and a half, which is what we use most often.