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Badgr ... is it working for you?

I have been using badges linked to staff CPD for a while now and it is great seeing how excited staff can get about receiving badges. It has given us an insight into how well it will work with students.

I am excited about the following:

1. The layout of badges both in course and in profile. It looks like one of those 'collect them all' sticker books and provides a real incentive for everyone to try and complete everything.

2. It easily lets you link badges to a Module.

3. Tracking of badge completion looks great

4. The leaderboard is fantastic! (if it loads)

However, there have been some issues. The issues that really ruin all of the four points above.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 15.36.57.png

1. Random badges appearing in staff profiles... it's a bit of a mystery as to where they have come from.

2. Slow loading. Reallllly slow loading (if it loads at all). With only 170 people working in it, I am nervous about moving it to full school.

3. Administrator roles not receiving badges. We have various administrator roles and they all complete CPD too, but there have been issues with how they see badges.

4. Not being able to link to Outcomes or Assignments. I understand that this will come in the future though.

5. Whilst leading an INSET with 20 people the other day. Over half could not even access Badgr or it froze.

6. The badge creator being very limited and not allowing you add text to badges.

7. There has been a lack of support from Badgr, with emails often bouncing back.

I am desperate to find a badge issuing LTI that works fully and is reliable enough to launch full school. I like Canvabadges, but even with that there were some issues with how it was giving badges automatically, or not.

Is anyone having similar issues with Badgr? Have you found a way of solving the issues? Would you recommend using a different badge issuer?



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Hi Kevin.

Read Sean's post about Mastery Paths. Not really considered this as an option with badges but could add some finer discriminations into the whole awarding feature.

As an aside, I have been looking at Ben Roome's (twitter @benjaroome) Badge List for staff possibly. Useful video here - Badge List Workflow Walkthrough - YouTube and good website - How Badge List Works - Expert validated ePortfolios for recognizing digital learning and professiona... 



Thank you, Gid. I will check those links out for sure!


Hi Gid! Hope you are well. I was interested Badge List for staff CPD after the webinar the other day, and got as far as setting up an account. I wasn't quite clear on how it integrated with Canvas though - although maybe just didn't get that far - have you tried it? Thanks, Natalie


Badge List does not have a Canvas integration at this time.

Learner II

Hello, Canvas badge community! 

A quick note to let you know that Badgr is offering a free, self-paced Canvas course titled, (K-12/HE) Gamify your Canvas Course with Canvas Open Badges.  Please enroll if you are interested. You'll also earn a badge for completing the course (estimated 1-2 hours).

Canvas course


I have used Badgr for a while now and even mentioned the product in my presentation at instructurecon. Something is not working in my new and old courses where Badges is installed into Canvas. I am only seeing the error message and the cute badger is becoming a little less darling. 

Module has rules and requirements, students are active with no errors, everything is published. If you have any more suggestions please respond. I am planning on introducing Badgr to my entire district next week.



Hi Matt,

Glad we were able to connect last week and get your issue cleared up so quickly. 

Keep on badgin' on, my friend!


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I have several badgr questions.

How are the badges displayed?

Is there a leaderboard feature?

Can you create avatars for students?



Thanks for asking about Badgr! We are a partner of Instructure so they've kindly let us list our products and services in the Partner Portal. I'll also provide some links below, but to give you some quick answers:

  • Badges can be shared and displayed in many ways: social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter; via email or URL; or using the badge's embed code. Just about anywhere you can put a URL, you can share a badge. To learn more about Open Badges, check out
  • Yes, there is an optional Leaderboard with optionally available privacy-protecting features in the form of whimsical animal names.

Feel free to contact us by sending specific questions to



Badgr website

Sign up for a free Badgr Account

Badgr Knowledge Base


Starting to look at setting this up for our instance. Will you guys be at InstructureCon this year?