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Being able to sort "insert" items


For my classes, I create pages quite often for my lecture slides, videos, etc. As a result, I have a number of files on Canvas in different folders that I will update from time to time. However, when I go to insert the file (or content) onto the page from those folders, there is no easy way to sort or find the item without scrolling through the list, which appears to be in chronological order (most recently added at the bottom). Is there a way to sort these items by name or do a search within the insert tool?

Thank you!


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Community Coach
Community Coach


Unfortunately, the answer is no.  There is currently not a way to sort when inserting content into a Page.   I also did a quick search in the Share Ideas​ area and did not find anything related to this feature.


Thank you. I searched but could not find anything, either. I just need to keep in mind where the files may be on the list!

Community Team
Community Team

paulhwhite​, a now-archived feature idea on this functionality contained this piece of advice from  @Renee_Carney ​:

Have you used the file structure shown here Where are my course Files as an instructor?  to organize your course files into folders that will help you locate the file you are seeking easier?

The other thing I tested was ctrl+F (Find), or Command F on a Mac, while in Chrome.  The find function allowed me to type the name of the file I was looking for and it scrolled and located it in my course files list.

I just tested the ctrl+F command myself (in Firefox on a Windows machine), and it worked like a charm.

Hello Stefanie,

Thanks. It is not when looking for my files on the computer or in Canvas in general, but the issue I am asking about is when you are editing or creating a page and inserting a file/item that I have stored on a Canvas folder. Here is a partial screenshot.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.54.11 AM.png

The file listing is in oldest to newest file order, which is fine if I just added the file or item to the folder. However, when looking for older ones, I have to scroll up and down (again, which is fine for now). It would be nice to be able to have a pop-out window or a sort feature for the list. I can imagine if someone has a lot of files, it could take a while to find a particular one.

BTW, thanks for your help over the years with extra credit Canvas items!

Sorry, posted my reply before I saw your reply about wanting it for when you are editing a page. I checked and the work around that  @James  developed doesn't work when editing a page (only adding content to Modules), but I wonder how hard it would be to tweak his original script... (says the complete non-programmer)... Smiley Wink

Thanks for the try, though! It is just something I think would be a nice feature/option in Canvas.


Taking your comments in  reverse order:

  • You're welcome! :smileyblush:
  • Yes, I understood what you were trying to do (find files in the Files tab of the Insert Content panel), and that's what I tested. Using ctrl+F worked great for me. Typing a keyword into the search window searched through the list of files in the Insert Content panel and brought up the file(s) containing that keyword.

Again, thanks! It works as a general search for the terms on the webpage if I have the folder open in the Insert Content panel (which is usually the case; oh, I use Chrome on Mac). I will use it in the future!

Community Coach
Community Coach

paulhwhite​, actually there's a pretty cool/easy to implement work around that will allow you to view your content in alphabetical order! Here's the blog post by  @James ​ that explains what to do - How to List Items Alphabetically when Adding to a Module

Hope this helps!