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Best Way to View Context of Discussions in SpeedGrader

I have an instructor who has criteria where they need to make a post to a discussion board. Following that post the student must reply to two other students. We noticed today that in the SpeedGrader those replies do not show the context of which students responded to other discussions. We tried looking at the full discussion, but it doesn't go to the point where those students reply to the discussion, just to the top.

Was there a way to go to that exact point in the discussion, or was there another way that was discontinued from Canvas?

If there isn't a way to find the exact position of the discussion, our requirement will have the students reply with the other student's name in the post.

Thank you for your help.

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hi - You are absolutely correct, and this is something that I often will tell faculty during my own workshops. SpeedGrader is totally cool, but you cannot see the context of the discussion.  

One thought is that SpeedGrader does have that View the Full Discussion link at the top, which (at least) will open the discussion within SpeedGrader so that instructor can stay in SpeedGrader.  While it does start at the top (as you said), what you can then do is scroll down a bit until you see the search window for that topic.  The instructor can then type in the student's last or first name (either works).  Then, at the bottom of each of that student's replies, there is yet another link, labelled View in Discussion which will indeed take you to exactly the spot where the student replied to another student.  Yes, I know this is multiple steps...but it is at least still within the SpeedGrader environment. (Those things outlined above can also be done outside of the SpeedGrader within the regular Discussion environment using the search window, as well.)

You may want to suggest to your instructors that they ask their students to begin each reply by stating the student's name that they are replying to for their own ease.  So if Charlotte is replying to Frank, she will begin her reply:  "Frank, I really like........". 

I realize some students will not do this, but it might help!


I take a different approach to what Ken wrote ...

I open my full discussion in a separate window as the SpeedGrader portion is just too small for me to read. Luckily, I have two monitors, but even without it, I can Ctrl-Tab or Shift-Ctrl-Tab in Chrome to move to a different tab. Also in Chrome, you can use Ctrl+1 to jump to tab 1, Ctrl+2 to jump to tab 2, and so on. So, if you know the full discussion is on the first tab and SpeedGrader is in the second tab, you can use Ctrl+1 and Ctrl+2 to go back and forth. Other people find the mouse useful, but I'm more of a keyboard person.

I also use Ctrl+F in the full discussion to find the student's name and then F3 to jump to the next place it occurs.

I really need to finish that script I started (and mostly finished) a couple of years ago. It highlights the current student's post in a background color (different colors for different levels  of threading) and adds an up and down arrow key that will jump to their previous or next discussion. It also tells you how many posts are above the current one or below the current one.

Here's a screenshot from my spring class where I made 29 posts. 5 are before this one and 23 are after this one.



As we move increasingly to remote teaching during covid, more of our faculty are complaining about this.  There should be a way to see who the student is replying to in SpeedGrader.

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