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Best way to create weekly 1 on 1 teacher student Meet/Zoom meetings?

I am required to have a 1 on 1 weekly Wellness Check with about 20 students.  The Wellness Check is done via Google Meet - and I want to have a scheduled call appear on the individual student's Canvas calendar (similar to an assignment).


My goal is to have something like this:


1.  Each scheduled Wellness Check is unique and visible to just the assigned student (there will be a Google Meet code for JUST that student for privacy concerns)

2.  The scheduled Wellness Check will be weekly, at 5 minute increments.

3.  The scheduled Wellness Check will show up on the students "To Do' and calendar whenever they log in to Canvas (to make sure they remember to show up) 

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Lamplighter II

This is a little tough to do. Here are three ways you could approach it:

  1. Calendar events in Canvas could work because they can be set to repeating. BUT, they cannot be limited to single students - they're available for all students in that course to see.
  2. Setting up assignments as a "no submission" would allow you to send it to a individual student, but you cannot have repeating assignments easily. You would need to change the due date over and over for each student each week.
  3. You could use Canvas conferences because you can invite specific students, but they cannot be duplicated.

The only way I see to do this manageably would be right in Google Calendar. You can schedule recurring events with specific people and have a Meet attached directly. You can also talk them through setting up email reminders the day of so they get the bump right before it's supposed to start.

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