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Best way to moderate content shared by students with other students

I am working with a film studies teacher who would like his students to be able to post video clips for certain concepts they are studying, and he'd like the clips to be shared with other students.  However, he'd also like to see what's being shared before it is published to all students, because of the nature of the content.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @nicolelschrock ​...

I am curious...where are these videos coming from?  YouTube?  Vimeo?  Some other website?  Or, are students creating these videos an then uploading them to the course in some way?  If the videos were already available on some other website, could they message you via the Inbox first to get your approval?  If you could provide some further detail, that would be great...thanks!


YouTube, Vimeo, etc. We had discussed having them submit as an assignment or through email for pre-approval.

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Community Team
Community Team

 @nicolelschrock , I have the same questions as  @chofer ​, and wonder if the teacher would be well served by creating an assignment that requires the students to upload or post links to their videos. That would allow the teacher to vet the videos, and he could then give selective approval as he deems appropriate. The teacher can create the assignment as graded, but not contributing to the final score, as described in How do I exclude an assignment from the course's final grades?

Thanks, Stephanie. That's the solution I suggested. I was just wondering if there was a way within discussion board so that students would only have to post once.

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 @nicolelschrock , Canvas doesn't have a moderation feature on its discussions. Feature ideas to that effect were floated in the Community a few times, but did not reach the vote threshold for advancement. I'm thinking that perhaps others will think of a third-party tool or LTI that can be used for this purpose, so I'm going to flip the format of your post over to a discussion (no single "correct" answer).