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Big Blue Button vs. Zoom

Our campus is rolling out Canvas soon, and we're trying to decide whether to use Big Blue Button or Zoom. Does anyone have experience with both of these conferencing tools? Which do you prefer? Which is easier for instructors and students to use? Do you know if either has a way to take attendance or track who was in the conference?

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We have had our teachers send inbox messages and post to calendars about when the conferences will take place.

I put it on the title of the conference. An invitation will be sent out with the title (and the information with it).


Surveyor II

This is a very useful and interesting discussion.  Staff here have been generally happy with the tool and it has supported us well through a period of intensive use.  There are features like breakout rooms that have powerful applications and the ability to delegate control to other participants in the conference is attractive.  However, if you exceed two concurrent connections you are likely to incur additional costs, so it is worth considering whether this is something that you are likely to encounter (across your institution) and whether you will be able to monitor and manage this aspect of the subscription.


Hi! I want to be able to add Zoom into the Conferences dropdown. Is this possible?