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BigBlueButton audio problems


I am using BBB with two groups. However, the audio keeps breaking up.  I can hear the students and they can hear each other. But my audio starts strong but then breaks up.

Any ideas? 

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This is happening for me to as the host/presenter (at home convid19 lock down).
Any audio I broadcast (or record with no one else even in the conference) is a mess... mic is on for 7 secs, then off for 5, then on for 7, then off for... you get it.
I've got all new gear and a fast connection. Fault is there both in Chrome and Firefox. Both with webcam mic or headphone pic.
Really need a fix... this is my job.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi jane and  @campbell_langfo   I don't have a particular solution but if you are just using audio (no video or screenshare) does the audio still break up?  I know that internet provides around the country have been stressed with so many people working at home, streaming videos, etc.  We have been using BBB but have not heard from faculty of a similar issue.  Also, if working from home have you tried hard-wiring the computer to your modem?  I know that sometimes when I am trying to upload or download content, connecting directly to the modem is faster and more reliable than depending on our home wifi.

Just a thought.  It never hurts to drop support a line (How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?).  They may have heard of issues or have other suggestions.

All the best!


I know that this thread is from last year but I am still having this issue. Did anyone find a solution? 

We've had this issue with audio for over a week now.

Zoom, Teams and Skype have been fine but BBB has been jittery, laggy and someone even said that they though heard chatter from elsewhere.

Not good!

I was told to try a different browser. I have tried all of them, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. nothing seems to help. I have a new computer that I keep updated. But I am also have this issue when I teach from home on my personal laptop, iPad, iPhone. It is so frustrating for the students. I feel like there is no support in dealing with this issue.