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Block access to our group discussion recordings for a single student

We have a student who will be taking a slower pace than the rest of our students.  This means that the student will be taking exams and watching recordings a week or two after the other students.  We are wondering if there is a way to block (just one student) access to our group discussion recordings – since we often discuss exam questions during our recorded meetings. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach


I have an idea but for Discussions it will only work if you set it up as a Graded discussion so that you have Due and Assign To dates.  In the Assign section set the dates how they should be for the class.  Then click the +Add button, enter the students name and set a To date that is in the future and corresponds to when they should be able to see the discussion.  Everyone will change to Everyone Else and just that one student will have the custom late start date.  If they try to access the discussion they will get a message that it is locked until X date.  This trick also works with Quizzes and Assignments. For discussions it's limited to Graded Discussions because non-graded discussions don't have the Assign To setting.


Hope that helps,