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Surveyor II

Blue Dots missing in "Grades" (role Instructor)

I have one class where the students see a blue dot in "Grades" when I've left them a comment/feedback about an assignment.

My other class does NOT show blue dots, and I'm not sure why. 

I'm guessing that I need to change a setting for the course as the Instructor, but haven't figured out how to make the blue dot appear for all my students.

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Adventurer III

@ksharrer According to the Canvas student guide the blue dot indicates the instructor has graded the assignment, but when the student navigates away from that page, the dot disappears. So it sounds like it is like a "hey! look the instructor graded this!" notification

Agreed, the blue Dots SHOULD appear and then disappear. But I have some students that the blue dot is visible the first time they see a comment and others that NEVER see it. I haven't figured out why it works properly for some students and not for others

Surveyor II

@cholling Yes, I've seen that,

but I have one class that the dot shows up if I've left a comment/feedback that they haven't clicked on.

Even if they go into "Grades", and back out, the blue dot remains until they actually click on the comment icon. Once they've clicked on my comment/feedback to be able to see it, the blue dot isn't visible the next time they are in the "Grades" page.


Either way, I have a course that isn't EVER seeing a blue dot in their "Grade" page, and I'm wondering if I need to change a setting somewhere to fix this issue.