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Blueprint "push" considerations

Hi all!

For starters, I've read much of the community posts on Blueprint courses, including:

While these posts are from 2017, they seem to still have accurate and helpful information. After fully reading those, I'm still left with questions and wanted to know the best practices for maintaining/pushing a Blueprint to all courses. As an example, let's say part of the Blueprint is a front/welcome page as part of the course shell. Said page would likely include a picture and then instructor specific information (name, email, office hours, phone, etc.). Of course, the template would simply include those headers ("Name:  ", "Email:  ", etc.), and then the instructors would EDIT that specific page, adding in their personal details.

But now, what happens when a NEW push occurs. Whether locked or unlocked, it appears that newly modified content is overwritten by the front/welcome page included in the push. The following link details a similar situation:


  1. Is there a way for the "push" to not overwrite pages if it notices content in those pages? Meaning, if an instructor has started updating their course with personalized information, it wouldn't make sense for the "push" to reset the welcome page back to the original state.
  2. The goal here is for each faculty member to be given a template shell from which to begin working and creating their Canvas course for the given term. Is Blueprint the best way to proceed here? It's great for locked content, such as institutional policies and resources, as it allows the institution to guarantee the accuracy of that information. But as a dissemination tool for course shell templates, is this the best way? Once an instructor modifies their template, those modifications are overwritten with the next scheduled push.
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