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Bug with loading Pages section - 4K+ Monitor

Is anyone else having this issue?

Browser: Any Browser

OS: OS X 10.11.6

Resolution: 3200 X 1800

So I think I found a bug in how the pages section is rendering on high resolution monitors. Essentially, when I have my browser window above a certain height, specifically when I can see the "loading now" with the spinning icon on the bottom and have room underneath, it stops loading my pages. The workaround I found was to reduce the height of the browser window to slightly below the "loading now" icon at the bottom even just momentarily so that the page links will load. You can see a screencast of the issue and the workaround here: Canvas Pages Bug

This will occur on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari whenever the height is too big like if I want to make it take up half of my screen or use the OSX maximize button.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @brian_runo ​,

Have you reported this to Instructure Support?  This can be done from Help > Report a Problem.  This will get product involved and they might be able to assist in getting this corrected in a future release.


I have contact support and it has been assigned a ticket where some engineers are looking at fixing it. I'm more wondering if anyone else if having this issue. Since submitting this to canvas support, it has been escalated twice already

Hi  @brian_runo ​...

I wanted to check in with you because it's been over a month since any new activity has been posted to this particular topic.  What was the result of your conversation with tech support?  Were they able to help you out?  If you could please post an update here for members of the Canvas Community, that would be great.  Thanks Brian!

Good Morning Chris,

The issue was sent up to the engineers at Canvas on December 1st, but as far as I can tell with some of my courses, the issue has not been resolved.

Did  you ever hear back or get an update from Canvas Support?

Community Member

Sorry for the late reply. No, I haven't heard anything from Canvas support recently, and I just checked again and the issue still persists. 

I'm guessing this is a low priority issue since I put the workaround in the question

I can tell you what has caused this. Canvas initially loads 30 items. Beyond that, it relies on an Event Listener to determine if a user scrolls far enough down the page that additional items should be loaded to continue the display. Ideally, this would run quickly enough that a user would never see the Loading More ... line and would only ever see the list which is actually "growing" as they scroll.

When you have the content shrunk (the issue you noted occurs if you zoom out the browser, also), so that all the initially loaded items appear at the same time, you must resize the browser to trigger the Event Listener and get the additional list.

If you wish to "fix" this yourself, you could try to trigger the event via the global JavaScript or a userscript. Here's what you would want to run:


I've had inconsistent results on it working, though. Even wrapping it in a setTimeout() to ensure it triggers after Canvas finishes to load was an iffy fix on this particular issue, at least in my testing.

You say you were assigned a ticket on Dec 6, yet the problem still persists 5 months later. Canvas don't seem to be too interested in fixing the easy stuff.

The bug is still there, so now it's been 10 months since a ticket was assigned. Sure would like to see this fixed.