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Bug with loading Pages section - 4K+ Monitor

Is anyone else having this issue?

Browser: Any Browser

OS: OS X 10.11.6

Resolution: 3200 X 1800

So I think I found a bug in how the pages section is rendering on high resolution monitors. Essentially, when I have my browser window above a certain height, specifically when I can see the "loading now" with the spinning icon on the bottom and have room underneath, it stops loading my pages. The workaround I found was to reduce the height of the browser window to slightly below the "loading now" icon at the bottom even just momentarily so that the page links will load. You can see a screencast of the issue and the workaround here: Canvas Pages Bug

This will occur on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari whenever the height is too big like if I want to make it take up half of my screen or use the OSX maximize button.

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Community Member

So glad this information was there. I have been trying to load the whole page index for two days and thought the problem was my Internet or cached files or something in the import process. After trying everything I could think of, I was finally getting ready to file a ticket when I decided to search the community.  I was able to wake up Pages by resizing the screen and voila! All is well.  However, this is now a week shy of two years since the bug was first identified Smiley Sad.


Yes, it's been almost two years now. I have asked for an update to the case number 03105740. If you wish to seek your own response, please include this number in your email.

... and the response: Smiley Sad

Hello Craig!

Thank you so much for following up with us on this case. Unfortunately, we do not have any updates on this from our engineering team at this time. Your case is still attached to the engineering tracker that has been created for this behavior and we will provide you updates as soon as they become available, but we do not have any ETA on this at the moment. In the meantime, you will want to resize your browser so you can load more pages.

Thank you,
Amber Ivie
L2 Canvas Support

Almost a year later, L2 Canvas Support. Any update? Frustrating to say the least.Right,  @c_housley 

Yes, very. I asked for an update to the case number but the response was that there is no update at this time.