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I'm not sure if I can explain my question or not, but I'll try:

Can Assignments that are worth 2-3 points each, be placed in TABS within one module?  

For example, I have 8 Assessments for a Reading Assignment.  Each Assessment is worth 2-3 points.  The TOTAL points for Ch 1 Assessment is 21 points.  If I put this is Ch 1 Assessment Module, then into TABS 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, will the total points of what the student earned be placed in the Gradebook?  Like, if a student earned 18 out of 21 points,  would it place 18 in the Gradebook?

I have attached what I have done.

Thank you for any help or suggestions!

Tomi Kirkpatrick



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I, too, would like to know how Canvas treats assignments with tabs.  Due to issues with maintaining a dual gradebook iin Canvas and our SIS, all of my assignments have to be given to everyone.  However, instead of cumulating points, I want differentiation of points.  Every tab would be worth the same number but I only want to count one tab for completion.  I realize that tabs are mostly an appearance thing using html code.  My biggest priority is maintaining a clear distinction for students about what assignments they need to complete when there is some choice available, specifically, they should not see all the options in their to do list as they only have to complete 1 of 3/4 options and the ones they do not choose will persist as being late (or I make them exempt somehow).  In my ideal world, I could use mastery paths and those grades would sync to our SIS but that does not appear to be possible by the time school starts in the fall.   

Related, if one of those choices links to a quiz in Canvas, but the others link to external urls, can Canvas pass back the quiz grade to this assignment?  I know it's convoluted but Canvas and our SIS are very limited in how they sync and I'm mandated to maintain a dual gradebook.  I also have to differentiate assignments (more through student choice than performance level).  I don't know of an easy way to exempt half of a class on almost every assignment that both Canvas and our SIS will recognize.  Thus, my workaround - to create an assignment with the choices on tabs and students understand they only complete one tab.

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