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Calendar in Global Navigation vs. View Course Calendars


I am a student of University of South Alabama.

I cannot see individual course calendars altogether in my calendar located in the global navigation. I can see ONLY events that I created in my calendar. There are NO option for me to see individual course calendars all together in the calendar located in the global navigation.

I confirmed that I have enrolled three courses on the "All Courses" screen. 

If I click a course that I am enrolled, I can see home page of the course. On the side bar menu of the home page, I do see "View Course Calendar." If I click "View Course Calendar" of the course, I can see events (quizzes, assignments) created by the instructor of the course. But, calendar for the other two courses are not showing there.

If I go to the home page of another course that I am enrolled, I also see "View Course Calendar" on the side bar menu, and can see events of that course. But, still cannot see events of the other courses there.

It is really inconvenience as I cannot see all events of all the courses that I am enrolled altogether in one Calendar located in global navigation.

Please advise.

Thank you 

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