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Calendar issue in student app

I have an assignment that is due on May 6. One of my students sent me a video showing that the calendar in the app is showing the assignment due May 7. When I go into the student account in the browser the calendar shows the correct date. I think it may have something to do with the app. 

Does anyone have any insights into this? 

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Hi, What time is the assignment due? I'm thinking this may be related to different time zones between the device/account the assignment was created with and the device/account the calendar is being viewed with.

It was due at 1:00pm Easter standard Time

Shanda Cunningham

Secondary Technology Specialist

Christian Academy School System

700 English Station Rd

Louisville, KY 40245


Hmm, that would have to be quite a time zone difference to have it show up on another day for the student. Still, I would check in to that and if you can share screenshots of both views that would also be helpful.