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Calendar not showing all my classes (unselects some after I press others)

When I go to my calendar, and I select a class to view on the right hand side, Canvas unselects a class and I can no longer see that class anymore, but I can now see the new one I chose. Is there a way to allow all my classes to show on the calendar at the same time? Thanks.

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Navigator II

I believe there are a maximum number of courses that can be selected at once.  I usually do not have more than 7 at once, but when I am setting up a new semester, I reach that maximum, and have to choose between courses. I make a point of deselecting courses myself, so that I am in control of which course is deselected.  If you have many simultaneous courses, you might be over the max to display on your calendar.  Try choosing courses by schedule, MWF in one group and TH in the next group.  It won't be all of your courses at once, but at least it will give you some organization.