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Calling All Canvas Users with Technology Issues and Solutions Galore!

Calling All Canvas Users with Technology Issues and Solutions Galore! As some background, my institution, The Akilah Institute, is located in Rwanda, Africa. We started using Canvas in September 2018 and are currently teaching F2F with a goal of rolling out a blended pilot program in September 2019. We are using Canvas to the fullest we can: All instructional content is in Canvas and all student-instructor/admin contact is via Canvas with some policies guiding engagement and use. 

Our issues are a few-fold 1) Most of our students have no internet when they leave campus, 2) At times, we lose internet connectivity on campus, either for a few seconds, hours, or even a day, 3) Internet bandwidth is being improved, but this also causes us issues.

We are working on improving bandwidth, creating contingency plans for lack of or lagging tech and strongly looking into the possibilities of CanvasDrive where Canvas can be used offline and then needs to sync itself when internet is present. 

Can anyone share issues their institute has specifically surrounding tech and internet? 

  • Do you have any similar problems as noted above? Do you have solutions for them? If so, what are they?
  • What types of teams do you have in place surrounding Canvas, Elearning, and Tech?
  • Are you using Canvas offline in any fashion? If so, how? Is it useful? Sustainable? Replicable? (I'm aware of the ability to export course content, but we're looking for a way to fully interact with Canvas offline).
  • Do you have any other additional stories to share?

I'd love to meet other institutions in Africa using Canvas or any institution with ongoing technology issues so that we can support each other.

Any and all support and/or storytelling is greatly appreciated.


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