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Can I Automatically Grade a Pass/Fail Discussion when a Student Posts?

I grade many of my discussions using a rubric, but the first day of the semester, I ask students to post on fun getting-to-know you questions. I'm not picky about how they answer these questions, I just want to give them credit for having submitted a post, so these posts are all pass/fail. Is it possible in canvas to automatically grade student posts when the graded discussions are pass/fail?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

I don't know of a completely automated way to do it, but here is a nice shortcut I think I would use in this case.

Create your graded discussion and set the Display Grade As to "Complete/Incomplete", or some other variation.  After you've passed the due date go to Grades and you'll be able to easily see how has posted and who hasn't, like in the screen shot below.


Assuming that almost everyone will post, manually mark them incomplete (click on the grade area twice until an X appears)


Now use the Set Default Grade option to mark everyone else Complete.


It's not automated, but it beats entering grades for everyone individually.