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Can I automatically post an essay answer to a graded quiz question to a pre-established discussion thread?

I want to make sure every student provides an essay answer to a question so I want to use a graded quiz.  I also want those answers to be visible to all students for a class on-line discussion. Can Canvas automatically post to a predetermined discussion thread every student's essay answer?

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Community Team
Community Team, I'm sorry to see that your question hasn't yet received a response yet—but the answer is no, Canvas doesn't have that kind of functionality. I'd be curious to know if you have devised a solution on your own for this cool engagement activity in the meantime. When I was teaching, my students wrote weekly reflections which they submitted as assignments. At the end of each week, I took a screenshot of each student's reflection and posted them as individual replies to a dedicated discussion topic to allow students to engage with each one separately. (I opted for screenshots rather than copying and pasting the text to make it a bit harder for students to copy them for later use elsewhere.)

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