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Can I change the question banks/groups within a Quiz that students have already taken?


Within one of our course', students have already taken Exam 1.  However, the professor then decided he would like to use different question banks/groups for the exams within this course in the future.  Since we will be copying this course for future semesters, I went ahead and made the changes to Exams 2-4, but I am worried about changing Exam 1 since students have already taken that exam.  Is it possible for me to make the changes in Exam 1 (replace the question banks/groups) now without having current student scores impacted?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Technically yes, you can make this switch and it won't change anything for the students who have already taken the quiz/exam. Yet, it might make things difficult if a student has a question or if you need to verify something about the exam (grade appeal, etc). My recommendation would be to make the new exam, label it as new (or something like that) and keep it unpublished so the students don't see it. Then when the course gets copied to the next semester the old exam can be deleted and the one marked new will be the one used (just remember to change the name!).


I have found a couple questions in my quizzes where the wrong answer was marked correct. When I fix the question, only students who have not started the quiz yet will see the corrected question. Any student who has started the quiz will always see the questions that existed when they started. For me that meant manually adjusting the points on those questions.

I'm just saying that I can verify that students who already took the quiz won't be affected by changes you make after. However I agree with Kona that best practice would be to copy the quiz and make changes to the copy.

I also so keep a sandbox of each course, so I only need to make changes there to affect future courses. As I refine and improve courses, I only edit the sandbox to ensure future courses will reflect changes without affecting any current students.

Community Coach
Community Coach

The sandbox is a good idea!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @amaniae-int ​...

I noticed that there hasn't been any new activity in this discussion topic since September 25th.  Did the responses from  @kona ​ and/or  @don_bryn ​ help to answer your question?  If so, please go ahead and mark one of them as "Correct" if you want.  If you are still looking for help, however, please post a message letting members of the Canvas Community know so that we can continue to troubleshoot with you.  For now, I am going to mark this question as "Assumed Answered".  It won't prevent you or others from adding additional comments or questions below.  Thanks Liza.