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Can I delete an account because I accidentally made a teacher account

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Community Coach

Hello there, @rubawtt ...

Sorry to see that your question has been sitting out here since early August without a response.  Can you please provide some further detail on your request?  I'm not sure I fully understand your question.  All people are first considered "users" within Canvas.  They are added to Canvas at the account level.  Then, at the course level, this is where a user is given the role of "Teacher", "Student", "TA", "Observer", etc.  So, it's entirely possible for a Canvas "user" to be a "Teacher" in one course and a "Student" in another course.  You are asking about deleting an account.  Are you asking about deleting a "user" account (and all the course enrollments for that user that he/she may be listed in)?  Or, are you asking about how to remove someone as a "Teacher" from a course?  If you could please help to clarify...that would be great.  Or, if you've already been able to find a solution, it would be great to heard about your findings.  Thanks much...take care, and be well.