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Can I disable the gradebook altogether?


We are wanting parents to ONLY go to our SIS Parent Portal to look at student grades.  I know that i can disable the option for viewing total grades, but can I disable the option to view grades in Canvas at all?  I'd love to be able to tell parents they can see due dates, and assignment information in Canvas, but no grades.  That way they'd have no option but to go to the SIS parent portal.  Is this possible at all?  Thank you in advance.  

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mforbes_bsd‌ I totally understand the need for this feature as we ran into the same issue. Our work around was to hammer home with our teachers, parents, and students, that grades in Canvas are not official but used as feedback for students and parents only. Official grades are only found in the SIS portal. This worked for the most part but its not a completely clean solution to your problem. 

Community Team
Community Team

Hello Michelle,
I'm going to go ahead and mark this question as assumed answered but if this is still an open question for you, please come back and tell us so. Marking the question as answered won't prevent other people from finding it or commenting but it will help us know which questions still need answers.