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Can I distribute electronic copies of handouts that students can edit without creating an entry in my gradebook?

I would like distribute electronic copies of handouts that students can edit and store in their Google Drive. I do not want there to be a corresponding item in my gradebook, as happens when I use Google Cloud Assignment, as I do not plan to ask students to submit them. This is very easy to do in Google Classroom ("make a copy for each student") and I've heard it was possible in Canvas, but I can't figure it out.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @akoch , what I've done in the past is just added the Google Doc to a page in Canvas and then told the students when they opened it up to save a copy of it - so they would be able to save a copy to their drive. So no automatic way like with a cloud assignment, but still pretty easy.

Hope this helps! Kona


When you put the doc into Canvas you can change the end of the link from "edit" or "view" to the word "copy." When they open the file students will have no choice but to make a personal copy before editing.