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Can I hide the Course Summary on Syllabus Page

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On the syllabus page, in addition to my link to the course syllabus, is a Course Summary.  Is it possible to hide this information?   I am using Canvas for a on-site class.  Most of the items in my grades are Exams, Tests, and other hard copy assignments.  This summary appears to be a list of the dates and times (?) that I posted some grades.  (see screen grab attachment).  It will definitely confuse my students.

Thank you

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I'd like to echo comments here that request keeping the syllabus page but adding an ability to simply hide the course summary info at the bottom. It's nice to use the built in syllabus menu item, easy to find for students.  But I see no reason we should be forced to include the (in some cases) confusing auto-generated course-summary. The solution posted is a workaround, but I'd advocate a feature request to allow hiding that information.