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Can Students see their activity time on Canvas or interaction reports?

The more I'm teaching online courses, the more I'm seeing the students that spend more time on the course and interact with me are getting better grades and have a higher level of comprehending the materials (that part is obvious).  I'd like to share that information with the students, but it seems that from a student perspective, they can only see the end grade result, and not the activity and interaction reports (or the time spent on each page, modules, etc.)  Is there a way to share that information with the student?  I think if they were aware that they were only spending 1-2 hours a week on Canvas (when it should be closer to 4-6), they might start to change their online behavior and be more active in the class?

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Community Coach


Ah yes, the holy grail of online teaching and learning, or at least half the grail - active student participation. If you build it, they still might not come!

Unfortunately, there is no student UI feature that could provide this info for your students, although it could be soooooo handy. You, as the instructor can go to Course Analytics and get this view..............


But this does not capture elapsed time on any items, or cumulative time over a period.

You may want to review this feature idea, and support it if appropriate