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Can an instructor turn off student notifications for a course?

Is it possible to turn off notifications for my students in my course settings?  I know the students can turn off their own notification settings in their individual accounts, but I want to set the course itself to not send out notifications. 

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Did you figure out how to work and change items in modules as a teacher without constant notifications to students? 

This is my first semester using Canvas, and there have been a few times during the semester that I've published or  new versions of assignments, changed settings on assignments, etc. This has resulted in my students getting dozens of notifications in one night for changes that were already in the syllabus, explained in class, or really not that important. In almost all these cases, the notifications were unnecessary.

A basic principle of good practice in email communication is that flooding someone with emails causes them to tune them out or delete them without reading. I'm always selective with messages I send to students, so that they read them. These always-on notifications aren't selective.

THIS! I am currently having exactly this problem, and it is magnified by forced-online teaching, so I don't get to see my students face to face.

Selective email is so important.

The idea that I don't get to be in charge of notifications for my own course is RIDICULOUS!

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I appreciate all the replies but I share the original question and desire, for similar reasons. Rather than asking instructors why we want the option to turn off notifications while we are engaged in grading or updating content, why not just make it possible to unpublish a site or an assignment during the term, even when some work has already been graded, or after a site has been published? I can think of many reasons to do this, but my question is instead why Canvas won't allow this. It is a serious enough issue for me to consider switching from Canvas to a self-designed open-source system as quite a few of my colleagues have done.

Hi, have you considered making this a product request?  This would be a good way to give others who have similar needs a way to vote on the idea as well. Here are a couple of pages that may be helpful.  Best wishes!

How does the feature idea process work? 

Will do, much obliged for the suggestion.

Does this exist as a feature request?  I'd like to vote it up.  Really, it's a no-brainer to put in a switch to turn off all notifications while the instructor tweaks a dozen due dates by a few hours, fixes a few typos, etc.  Strange that it does not exist, and that so much time is being spent trying to justify an obvious need.


I had a bit of a look around and found two relevant feature ideas in the community. The one which most aligns is" modifiedtitle="true" title="Teacher Control over Auto-No..., however, during the last voting period, this did not gain enough traction. 

There is some useful information in there which points to which focuses on lettings user's control the notifications themselves at the course level.

The second idea is on the Canvas Product Radar, especially with such a large number of votes, and therefore something that may be considered in the future.

Hope that helps!


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Community Coach

Something else to consider is “muting” an assignment. When you mute an assignment students don’t receive any notifications about the assignment and can’t see the grade/feedback information until the assignment is unmuted.

Also, technically if you wanted to turn off access to the entire course you could change the course availability dates in settings and mark that students can’t view the course once the availability date is passed. This would take the course offline so to speak (at least for the students) and no notifications would go out until the course was opened back up. 

Is there such an option to "mute" an assignment? I don't see one in the quizzes I am changing due dates on. I am changing due dates on quizzes many  weeks in the future in a course I have already published. I am specifically NOT checking the box to "notify students that the quiz has changed", but email notifications are going out anyway.