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Can grades (attendance/completed) be coupled with visability in modules?


In our course be would like to add modules/pages or files that are only visable for the students that were present that week. Is there a way that a teaher could type in the attence (completed/not completed) on a canvas assignment and that this is linked to the either a module/page or file and that only studens that were catagorized as 'completed' can acces this module/page or file. 


We would like only students that contributed in class to a document to be able to access the document.

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Yes.  You can use module requirements for this. 

Create an assignment set up as display grade complete/incomplete, check the box "do not count towards the final grade," and set the submission type to no submission.  Title the assignment something like "attend class about document 1."   (Set the points as anything more than zero, even 0.01 will do)

Set up a module for the assignment you want to limit access to.  Put "attend class about document 1" as the first activity in the module.  Put everything you want to control access to after that assignment in the same module.  Click the three dot menu on the module title, and select edit.  Set a module requirement that students must complete all requirements and check the box requiring sequential order.  Add "attend class about document 1" as a requirement using the drop down list, and set the requirement to "score at least."  Enter the required points as whatever value you made the assignment worth.

No student will be able to proceed with the activities in that module beyond the "attend class" assignment, until the teacher marks the assignment complete.  Whether not marked, or marked incomplete, those activities will be locked.  If the teacher later needs to unlock the module it only requires changing a student's score on that assignment to complete.

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