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Can instructor upload exam results in assignment for students

I have students who were unable to upload test results in the Canvas "dropbox" before their exam time expired so they emailed me their scans. I s there a way that I can upload for them so I can process them in speedgrader?


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Community Coach
Community Coach


There is not a way for instructors to submit assignments on behalf of students.  You could edit the Assignment settings to extend the date for everyone and ask them to submit there, or you can also just extend the availability dates for those select students by clicking the + Add button at the bottom of the Assignment settings to have a different set of dates.  Again, you would need to ask the students to submit them then.



Thank you for your comment. The problem is a COVID related issue. Many of my students (about 15%) have such poor internet connections that it times out or fails when they are uploading scans of their exams to Canvas. I had them email me there scans. It would be much easier for me to process if I could place them in the Canvas upload for this assignment. If someone from Canvas is monitoring this, this would really help during the COVID crisis to help with online learning. Thanks again.