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Can students see recorded conferences if we have the free tier of BBB?

Or is that the limitation of the free tier, in that there is no way to make videos available to students and they expire after 14 days?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, hfchen...

I'm not too sure of an answer for you, but I am going to bring‌ into this I think he'll be able to provide some additional information for you.  Good luck!

Community Team
Community Team

hfchen‌, this is detailed in How do I record a conference? : "Canvas' standard recording feature will store your recordings in Conferences for 14 days and then remove them automatically." "Canvas' standard" refers to the free version that is built into Canvas. You'll need to contact Big Blue Button to set up a hosting account if you'd like additional recording features.

Sorry I wasn't being clear, it looks like the video is being stored currently. But only the instructor can see it now and not any of the students. Is that one of the limitations of standard/free version?

hfchen‌, I believe I now understand your question. Instructors can invite up to 50 students into a conference at the time they create it; only those students who were invited at the time the instructor creates the conference will be able to view the recording—which, in the standard version, will be available to them for 14 days. Additional options, including downloading a recording (which would allow all students to view), are available from Big Blue Button. 

You might want to look through the discussion here: 

Community Coach
Community Coach

hfchen, I believe the students had to be added to the conference before/while in session in order to have access to it later on. I believe what has been suggested before - beyond paying for the next tier of options - is to use a screen recording program to record the conference. So open up the conference, open up and start the screen recording software, then start the conference recording. Once it's done recording you can upload it directly to Canvas or YouTube, etc. For screen recording software you can Google it to find different options. My current favorite and cost effective one is SnagIt (it's the paid version of Jing). 

Hope this helps!

Hi Kona,

Your right in recording your screen works in a pinch to share a recording with others beyond the 14 day limit.  If you have a Mac, you can use the built-in Quicktime Player app to create a recording.


Alternatively, you can have permanent recordings as well (just reach out to your Canvas Rep for more details on upgrading).

Regards,... Fred

BigBlueButton Developer 


Thanks‌ and Stephanie for the help!