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Can students view "discussion" essays without downloading them?

I would like my students to be able to read each other's essays in the "discussions" section without downloading the document. Is there a way for them to upload, have other students click on the document without downloading, read it on screen, then peer review?

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I have students that embed their files in discussions using the Google LTI. I suppose it would be possible with Microsoft's integration as well. When I read the discussion, I see their document.

Here are a couple of lessons from the Canvas Student Guide that explain how to do this. There are lessons that are slightly different depending on whether you're using the Rich Content Editor or the New Rich Content Editor.

Note that this kind of allows students to cheat (if you consider it that way). They can go in, make a post with their document embedded, to establish that they turned it in on time, and then continue to edit the document in Google Drive. It updates the content that you see in Discussions but not the date on the post. That means that students can continue to improve the document before you grade it (or even after you've graded it and then claim that you didn't grade it correctly).

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